The charitable side of our shops


A very important point of our philosophy is the help we can provide to all pets, both to those that already have a family, and to those in the process of seeking their own. Therefore, our actions are not based solely on selling products and services for their well-being and care; we like to go a step further by providing help on a regular basis to local animal rescue shelters.

Many of our stores actively collaborate with these associations through different actions, always aiming to create an opportunity for them continue with their work and increase the number of adoptions as much as possible. ¡These are some of our actions:

• Animal shelter visibility day: on this day, associations set up a stand in our shop space informing about their activity and, often, they also participate with a charity stall selling small handcrafted items to finance their rescue shelter. In this case, the animals do not go to the shop thus avoiding ‘impulsive’ adoptions, but volunteers do usually bring photographs of the animals available for adoption so that interested people can see them and can arrange a visit to the shelter. With this social action, we hope to give visibility to organisations and their work. The Protectora Arcoíris of Ondara, and SCAN of Vergel, are two such associations who have already participated in this event.
• Donation of large batches of food: in this case, we donate dog and cat food to Protectora Arcoíris of Ondara, SCAN of Vergel, Aldea Felina and ADAP of Dénia, and Els Poets of Pedreguer.
• We established a special discounted price on the purchase of products of our own brand, Hantu. We have done this with ‘Camino a una nueva vida’ (Way to a new life) private rescue assocation.

• In addition, in general, we offer the possibility of discounts applicable on reaching a certain amount on the purchase receipt.
• Solidarity piggy bank: in our shops, we place donation collection boxes on the shop, allowing our customers to collaborate with them. We usually donate the collected monies to Aldea Felina and SCAN.
• We also collaborate with USAR13 search and rescue team. Our Maskokotas La Nucía shop offers space for members to carry out exhibitions in the shop and explain their rescue activity, which has a great impact in the ​​Benidorm area. In this way, we like to enhance the visibility of this type of initiatives; they highlight the help that only a dog can provide carrying out rescue tasks and locating people in natural disasters, accidents, etc. In addition, team members have an exclusive discount on the purchase of products for dogs in our store.

In Maskokotas we are committed to all animals and we want to give visibility to those who need it most. Therefore, if you are interested in collaborating with shelters and associations, you will find the required information in any of the Maskokotas stores and on our social networks.



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