In response to Anita Bond’s ” Why don’t the others believe ?” (CBN 8-14 January 2016)


January 20, 2016

Dear Anita,
Please forgive the familiarity, but as a mere man I do read your articles each week and therefore feel that I know you a little.
This particular week stands out so much that I just had to contact you.
What you write is so true and at the same time frightening, for this does seem the general feelings of many folk.
You are correct that people see the lights, Christmas trees, cards, and even the very well presented scenes of the nativity and all comment as to how wonderful they are — they booze, feast and dress up but completely forget that it is the birth of Jesus that we are celebrating.
I have been sending a Christmas newsletter for some time now to many friends and relations both here in Spain and the UK — I now finish this off by adding the words “Jesus is the reason for the Season” and just wonder how many of them take notice.
Many people say that they do not believe in “anything” but in a moment of trouble or disaster they cry “Oh God” or “Jesus” for the same people also blame God for all the worlds disasters and problems and say “why does He not prevent all the terrible things — and yet they do not believe in a Creator.
But – – Anita — why do you not go to a Church especially as you hold some very strong convictions and are correct in what you say ?
Anita — you have well and truly nailed your colours to the mast — well done.
I do not know where you live in Spain but you will be most welcome at our small non conformist Church in Calpe on any Sunday at 11.00am.
Please spend a few moments and look us up on our Web site for all our details at
Thank you for a wonderful article

God Bless
Bob Jarvis.

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