Fires in summer

August 1
I have lived in the campo between Pego and the coast for 15 years. I am concerned about the number of fires being lit during this summer.
I rose this morning, Wednesday, to find ‘workers’ piling large tree cuttings within 5 metres of my house ready for burning.
An argument ensued and the workmen eventually retreated to a grove possibly 30 metres away. The fire burnt furiously and was then left unattended smouldering in an increasing breeze.
I had already phoned the police as advised by Fire Watch. Policia local arrived may be 2 hours or so later. They witnessed the unattended fire and then advised me of this… you chose to live in the campo and therefore must put up with this. If I lived in the town, I would have to put up with fiestas etc. I said I would phone the bomberos, and they said if I did, I would receive an invoice for the costs.
Add to this that I also have photos taken today of enormous piles of tree cuttings covered in diesel oil presumably waiting to be burnt and some of the same dumped in a stream right on the boundary with the Marjal Natural Park.
This cannot be right. Not only is it dangerous its environmental vandalism.
I think this is worth reporting. What I have said is just as it was with no embellishment. As an aside and of no consequence to fact… the police were disgraceful in their attitude.
Thanks for reading
Jo Hawkins

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