Give us this day our daily wine!


It was a Methodist church we went to, so we certainly weren’t beseeching the above – and here’s me writing this on a Sunday too!
My favourite published wine magazine here in Spain, PlanetAVino, recently ran an article titled, ‘El Vino de Diario’ – in short, Daily Wine, wines that we drink on a daily basis. I’m sure readers will be interested in the article (though it is in Spanish) – it covers whites, rosados and reds, no sparklers, unfortunately. Prices range from 4€ – 9.50€ and I wondered how this fits into your budget – please send me an e-mail with any comments!
For me, wine is a part of the culture of Spain. Yes, I admit to a little bias here, this is the wine column that I’ve been writing since it’s inception over 21 years ago, after all! However, I think that the Spanish would agree – it’s part of the very fabric of community, here on the Iberian peninsular! Therefore, by many of us, it’s consumed every day – though, pursuant to doctor’s orders, following my heart attack in December, in moderation, of course! Facebook Colin Harkness
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