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March 19, 2016

Dear Sir
If you are going to advise people in Spain make sure you have the facts right, in the UK you cannot pass ownership of a vehicle on the “Back of a Fag Packet or scrap piece of paper as you printed in CBN , there is an official document that needs filling in .

Your sincerely
A. Woodcock

Dear Sir
Thank you for your email
Perhaps I did not make myself clear in which case I apologise
In the UK as you know, both parties have to complete the relevant sections on the V5c and send them separately to DVLA; this is alluded to in my article.
The document that I was referring to is that which is passed from seller to owner, so could be called a bill of sale, which normally shows the name and address of both the seller and buyer, the date and the sum that the car was sold for; it is also customary for the expression “sold as seen” to be included. I receive many of these documents some of which are just scraps of paper, the allusion to “the back of a fag packet” was merely a jest, but is not far from the truth in some cases
In Spain, such an informal method is not allowed, hence the compra-venta
I hope that this clarifies the matter to your satisfaction

Graham Shelton

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