Traffic fines


Dear Keith
The problems with postal deliveries in some, but not all, areas of Spain are frequently covered in the CBN and the grief that this can cause for many reasons are well documented
However whilst antiquated practices may still be witnessed (the words traditional and charming only apply when it doesn’t affect you), Trafico (DGT) at least have decided to embrace the electronic age. It is possible to view via their website if any fines have been levied against a vehicle and wonder of wonders it can be read in English too. If you Google then press the translation tab you can follow the pages to fines (multas) and carry on from there with patience!
Even better to save you tracking down postie or biting down your finger nails every time you pass a speed camera, you can have notifications sent directly to you via email or your mobile via text. To do so you will need an electronic signature. This signature allows you to access many government departments for information relating to you. Modern world or what?
To obtain a digital signature you are best advised to ask your legal or fiscal advisor to set one up for you

Graham Shelton
Author of the CBN column
“Mediterranean Motoring”

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