Fishy facts on Covid-19


Further to the letter from Bill Gerard, I posted a similar theory on Costa Blanca Forum some weeks ago. The question is: how do you send a virus to the West without killing millions of your own people? The answer is simple: you create a mild virus, call it SARS, but make the world believe that it is very serious and then vaccinate your population against it but include an antibody against your lethal virus.
Note that SARS was only active in mainland China and Hong Kong. Amazing that the Chinese were able to contain such a serious virus within their territory.
The Chinese then spent the few years vaccinating the whole population against SARS which gave them the opportunity to include an antibody against future viruses such as corona. Easy isn’t it?
Why has New York the highest level of corona cases? Because it is the icon of the Western Imperialists and could be brought to its knees by a few Chinese tourists with corona virus aerosols visiting the tourist hot spots – easy isn’t it?
I think that the age of biological warfare is upon us and the Chinese are the first (?) to exploit it.
G R Nicholson

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  1. Fake news such as this is incredibly dangerous. It actively harms the effort of countries that are doing their very best to contain the infection. The fact that countries such as the US have been slow to implement Corona measures has exacerbated the spread of the virus. What is worse, the rate of conspiracy theories, such as this letter, is far higher in the US and the UK. This can be attributed largely due to freedom of press, which is absolutely something to be proud of; though we have to recognise the ease at which fake news and misleading opinions can spread, such as the letter above.
    Baseless theories are so very harmful to our countries effort, and those who spread them should be ashamed at the damage they inflict on our infrastructure. We should instead listen to our scientists and work cohesively together to defeat the virus.


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