Burrage on Brexit


January 29

I wish to thank David Burrage for taking a day out of his life to share his superior knowledge with your readers in Friday’s edition 25-31 January.
Hopefully, all readers will have battled through it and read to its end after two very long pages.
Your readers might like to be made aware that we can get a daily Brexit briefing from the UK Government via email through Gov.UKgov.uk.email@notifications.service.gov.uk. Also there is another email service via https://www.gov.uk/guidance/living-in-spain and a Spanish Government website: http://www.lamoncloa. gob.es/lang/en/brexit/Pagina/index.aspx?utm_source= newsletter_1190&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign= ewn-alerts
Then we can all be in possession of the relevant facts.

John Price

Read more in this week’s print edition or go to e-paper


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