Turre’s ruling coalition teeters on brink

Councillor Martin Morales threatens to sink administration over main avenue project

Turre’s main avenue is a major sticking point between Martin Morales (left) and mayor López, whose relationship has become increasingly bitter in recent months

By Richard Torné

Turre council’s fragile coalition will collapse unless mayor Maria Isabel López backs a project to pave the town’s main avenue before the end of the year, councillor Martin Morales has told CA News.

Sr Morales from the Somos Turre (ST) party has said he will hold the council to ransom if the ruling PSOE party reneges on a deal the two struck before he stepped down as mayor in February to pave the avenue.

The coalition between the Socialist PSOE party and Sr Morales’ left-wing group has been on shaky ground since its creation following the 2015 local elections, and CA News can now reveal that Sr Morales’ party and the opposition right-wing Partido Popular recently held secret talks to agree over individual projects – including the plan to pave the main avenue.

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