People power

Residents save historic landmark from jaws of demolition digger

Residents staged a ‘sit in’ demonstration outside the threatened building

By Emma Randle


A handful of residents from the tiny roadside hamlet of Los Castaños, Sorbas managed to save

a part of their heritage last week after they staged a demonstration against the demolition of an emblematic road worker’s cottage.

Around 20 protesters took up position in front of the building at 7am last Monday, June 13 when it was scheduled to be knocked down by the regional government due to its state of disrepair.

Although two vehicles from the provincial roads unit arrived, along with a JCB, faced with the protest they went away without carrying out the demolition order.

The regional government is now in the process of reaching an agreement with the provincial council for the building to be maintained, according to one of the protesters, Paqui Pérez Codina from nearby Cariatiz.


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