The Ryanair sting


September 24, 2017

Dear Sir
Shortly before Ryanair announced its mass cancelation of flights during September/October 17, I came across an article that revealed the low budget carrier’s economic efficiency. Throughout the first half of 2017, a workforce of 13,000 employees dispatched 61.3 million passengers. By comparison, during the same period, Germany’s Lufthansa Group and their affiliated airlines needed personnel of 128,500 to handle 60.3 million passengers.
Among other examples about Ryanair’s ability to produce with a minimum effort astounding results, was the question: Why is a Ryanair Boeing 737 Max equipped with 197 seats only and not 201? Answer: International flight regulations require an additional flight attendant for each 50 passengers.
My immediate disbelief in Ryanair’s reason given to justify the company’s cancellation of flights, thus causing substantial financial losses coupled with a damaged reputation, have been confirmed by reliable sources in Germany.
Due to Air Berlin’s current insolvency proceedings, it can be expected any day that the company’s 148 aircraft face an instant grounding. In that case, pursuant to an ordinance, the than vacant, coveted slots must be allocated at once under the condition that the lucky bidder shows proof of the availability of necessary planes. Therefore, the result of the large-scale cancellations of flight, i.e.: the accessibility to planes, compulsory to meet the requirements of a successful acquisition of slots, is the card up the sleeve of Ryanair CEO Michael “Mick” O’Leary.
“Mick” will be facing Lufthansa, a serious contender being patronised by morally unsound German politicians who recently provided €150million, taxpayers’ money, to “ease off” Air Berlin’s bankruptcy. A grave violation of the German insolvency law.
The latest outrageous example of malversation consist of the fact that part of the illegally conceded €150 million state aid has been used to increase the salaries of Air Berlin’s top management and pilots.

Best regards
W Weissmann

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