Equal gender rights at CBN


May 28

Good morning.
After buying my copy of the CBN this week I would first like to say congratulations on gaining certificates for contributions to the British community in Spain, but one thing that sprung to mind was why other journalists of the paper weren’t awarded?
Your male freelance journalist was mentioned but no women journalists were, did they get certificates too? The majority are women who write for your paper and they too have some interesting articles, which we like to read.
Maybe it would have been better in this age of gender equality and gender equal pay to have mentioned that to the British Consul.
As a woman writer myself I do hope the CBN recognises this and makes all efforts for equality of both women and men who write articles for your paper.

Valerie Long

Dear Mrs Long
Thanks for your congratulations. As editor, I was personally invited to the Garden Party to collect the award, which we realise, acknowledges the work of the whole Costa Blanca News as a team – although as the Editor I was the person called upon to collect it. Jack Troughton is a freelance writer who contributes to our newspaper and on radio, hence he was given a separate award. As editor, I am proud of the team I have the privilege to lead and they have all earned this recognition. Indeed our team includes a majority of women writers and gender equality and equal pay are respected in our company. British Consul Sarah-Jane Morris is well aware of this, as is Ambassador Simon Manley.

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