Woman vicar quits Almería parish

Church divided amid allegations that ‘sexist bullies’ wore her down

The Reverend Pauline Williams with Anglican Bishop for Europe David Hamid on his visit to the Mojacar church last year

By Emma Randle

Mojacar’s female Anglican parish priest has resigned and returned to the UK amid claims she was hounded out by sexist parishioners.

The Reverend Pauline Williams was vicar at San Pascual Church, Agua Enmedio in Mojacar as well as being parish priest for other churches in Almería, including Albox, Roquetas and Cucador.

Much controversy has surrounded her departure after it emerged that three male parishioners refused to accept communion from a woman priest, leading others to blame them for her departure.


  1. The Parishioners who hounded this lady from God’s Church should look at themselves and consider what they are going to say to Our Father in Heaven on Judgement Day. It brings to mind the saying ” Standing in Church doesn’t make you a Christian, no more than standing in a Garage makes you a Car. I am so glad that we have found a living church in Mojacar ie
    Living Waters where we actually put into practice God’s Word and have a personal relationships with our Saviour. Mike & Judith from Vera Playa


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