AUAN denounces delays to home regularisations

Expat property rights association claims Cantoria is main culprit

The AUAN has singled out Cantoria council, claiming residents are frustrated with the alleged delays in issuing AFOs

NEWS Staff Reporter

AUAN president Maura Hillen has expressed concerns about delays in the concession of AFOs by some town halls in the Almanzora valley – and in particular in the municipality of Cantoria.

An AFO is an official document aimed at regularising the status of an illegal house. That way the property owner can obtain the title deeds and proceed with water and electricity connections.

Although Cantoria council began notifying residents earlier this year that they could apply for AFOs, the AUAN is claiming residents have been complaining about “long delays and apparent hesitancy in processing” the paperwork, and that there “appeared to be a great deal of frustration with the lack of progress”.

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