Animal shelter raided by police

Police find more than 100 starving dogs after activists claim expat owner misappropriated funds for her high life

A publicity photo of Ms Halliwell and one of her rescue pets

By David Jackson

Environmental police unit Seprona together with government vets raided an animal shelter known as Kim’s Animal Shelter in Gádor last week after activists filed complaints alleging there were more than 100 starving animals being kept in unsanitary conditions.

English owner Kim Halliwell is understood to have moved to Almería last year after selling her Mijas animal shelter at a profit. Málaga-based expats had clubbed together to donate thousands of euros to save her animals after she was denounced by government vets for the shelter’s unsanitary conditions.

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  1. I think all the animal charities need to be seriously investigated. It is all about profit and they are actually businesses. Some of these charities farm out their animals to “fosterers” and don’t have kennels so as they look ” good”, but they are pocketing the money and hiding behind the peoples kindness and generosity. Kim Halliwell just wasn’t clever enough. Everywhere you look another charity is popping up..its easy money. Of course lots of animals are being “saved” but who by? The public are the ones doing all the saving and lavishing the charities with money in the hope of saving more animals. If you move to Spain, don’t open a corner shop, open an animal charity. You will get rich quicker!

  2. Especialmente deberia ser investigado la sociedad protectora de Denia la cual tengo entendido que el animal que no es beneficioso de negocio lo liquidan.

  3. Not all animal shelter-owners are bad guys!!! There are several good ones,that actually DOncares for the animals, and don`t do this kind of work to profit! so please do not Think that just because there are som rotten eggs, not everone is bad!
    Some people actually do this kind of thing for the love of animals..they work day and night just to try and keep the shelters as good as possible…for the animals, and for themselves!
    And even shelters owned by cities, and people are paid to work there, can even be worse than the private ones, and that is a discrase!!! I wish that the government would would be more helpful and actually help The shelters that are serious, with some kind of funding for keeping the buildings and yards better for the animals, and also donate food etc.

  4. It really is very simple if they are not a legal registered charity do not give them money. If they say they are a charity legally they must show their registration number and you can then check they are legitimate. This woman is now very friendly with someone I had the misfortune of dealing with who claimed lots but could never support the claims and certainly had and has no intention of going legal when they can fund their lifestyle very well with other peoples money.


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