Almería tomato centre of the world

Thousands turn out to celebrate the popular red fruit

Regional agricultural minister Carmen Ortiz and local tomato mascot Tomatal opened the celebrations

By David Jackson


Almería city held its second ‘World Tomato Capital’ festival last Saturday February 13, when crowds of people gathered in the Plaza Vieja to pay homage to the vital economic staple of the province.

One out of every four Spanish tomatoes is grown in Almería province, which is the largest producer of the fruit in Europe.

Agricultural Minister Carmen Ortiz opened the celebrations, accompanied by local tomato mascot ‘Tomatal’.

Minister Ortiz said: “This festival is a wonderful idea which helps to brings producers and exporters together, and promote this wonderful local tomato to the world”.

She added: “Your local tomatoes have become a reference of quality across Europe and we must now work together to develop new strategies to overcome short term difficulties for a brighter future for us all”.


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