Facebook censors local artist

This photo, titled Portadora de Vida, was removed by Facebook and the photographer banned

By David Jackson

Famous local photographer Rodrigo Valero has had another of his acclaimed photographs censored by Facebook. The artist says he had the photo removed and his account suspended for 24 hours “for showing the female nipple”.

The photo in question is of a heavily pregnant, nude woman. Entitled ‘Portadora de vida’ (carrier of life), Sr Valero said the photo had been on Facebook for less than an hour before being removed. In that time it had accumulated more than 200 likes from his followers.

It is the third time Sr Valero has reputedly had his work censored by the social network site. Another recent work was of a nude model being posed by the painter Antonio López, and the third was of a naked male artist in Olula del Rio.

Local newspapers and media have reacted indignantly to the ban, which comes just a few weeks after local writer Luna Miguel was banned from talking on the social media site about her book on female masturbation. Her ban was removed after a public outcry.


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