Spanish town’s calf-slaying ‘tradition’ under fire

Animal rights group Pacma calls anti-bullfighting protest in Madrid on September 10

An image from the video released by Pacma of the Valmojado event

THE animal rights group Pacma has released a disturbing video taken at a local fair in Castilla-La Mancha. It shows a young calf, between one and two years old, being repeatedly stabbed in the bullring of Valmojado, 50 kilometres south-west of Madrid, before finally being killed.

The animal, which may not have been yet fully weaned from its mother, is heard crying in pain as it is repeatedly injured, accompanied by cheers and clapping from the crowd. The annual event is part of the town’s summer fair, and over 300 other municipalities are believed to stage similar events.

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  1. This scandal was covered by all the quality newspapers across the UK. It shows how a minority of Spanish communities have not moved on since the dark ages. What does this do for your tourism industry??


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