Pablo’s legacy carries on

A year after campaigner Pablo Ráez’s death, marrow donations remain up

An image of Pablo behind his father, Francisco Ráez, who accepted Pablo's Provincial Gold Medal in April of last year

PABLO Ráez, a 20-year-old Marbella man who turned his battle against leukaemia into a hugely successful campaign to boost bone marrow donations, continues to have a major impact a year after he died from the disease. February 25 marks the one-year anniversary of Pablo’s death, but his legacy lives on, as reflected in the continued boost in marrow donations following the launch of his campaign.

In August of 2016, while in a Málaga hospital being treated for leukaemia, Pablo published an open letter on Facebook making a heartfelt call for people to sign up as bone marrow donors. It immediately went viral, marking the beginning of a campaign that he continued to promote on social networks for the duration of his illness.

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