Fuente de Piedra starts trucking-in drinking water

Plus local company donates 10,000 litres of bottled water for elderly and children

The company Miquel Alimentació last week donated 10,000 litres of bottled water to the town hall

The inland town of Fuente de Piedra last week began trucking in drinking water for local residents after the town’s tap water was declared unfit for consumption due to elevated chloride, or salinity, levels. The town hall is seeking a short-term solution while working with the Junta de Andalucía on a longer-term fix that could include digging a third well for the town.

Also, the food distribution company Miquel Alimentació, which has a regional distribution centre in Fuente de Piedra, last week donated 10,000 litres of bottled spring water to the town hall, to be handed out mainly to elderly residents and school children.


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