Expats panic at caravan storage site closure notice


MANY were taken by surprise to see police tape, with ‘Do not pass’ across the front gates of Stones Caravan storage, located opposite Benisol camping, on the outskirts of Benidorm this week.
The site is used by many expats who live in Benidorm part time, placing their caravans in storage when they head back to the UK, usually over the hot summer months.

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  1. Stones have our caravan and we can’t get in touch with them. Does anyone have a contact number we have tried all the numbers we had. It’s only a small hobby but it’s all we had. Don’t know what to do, feel so helpless . Our holiday is booked for the end of May and flights. Campsite el raco which we all way’s go to.pls can anyone help. Thank you.


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