Benidorm gets tough on scooters


BENIDORM council has passed a new by-law regarding electric scooters, Segway’s and mobility scooters which rose in popularity after Madge appeared on one in the Benidorm series.
The councillor for mobility explained that these new regulations will ensure the safety of both the users, pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. These vehicles will be banned from using the pavements with the exception of mobility scooters used by those who are disabled or with reduced mobility – obviously no one else should be using one anyway!


  1. Trouble is some hire companies will let anyone hire them which is wrong. It should be for the disabled I think that they should have to show there blue badge when hiring them. I’ve seen young people on them just for the fun of it. I know there are genuine young disabled but most times they are capable of walking.

  2. not every one has a blue badge you can only get one if you own a car,and yes you do get some idiots racing round on them, its not fair on the genuin who cant walk to far.


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