7  ADVANTAGES of a pool cover


Although we live on the Costa Blanca where we have more than 300 days of sunshine and temperatures in winter do not usually drop below 10-15 C, the water is now much colder than a few weeks ago and one no longer dares to get into the water . But since we don’t want to give up on continuing to enjoy the pool …

Why not extend the season or enjoy your pool all year round?

How? A swimming pool cover from JuJuJu Aquacenter

Seven  ADVANTAGES of a pool cover

  1. Longer bathing season

The pool covers extend the bathing season and depending on the cover material and the use of a heat pump, it can be extended 365 days a year.

  1. Savings on cleaning and maintenance

Some types of pool covers prevent external elements from dirtying the water in your pool: leaves, branches, insects, etc. so you will not have so much work or will have to spend so much time looking after your pool.

  1. Saving water

Covered pools keep the heat longer and prevents the water from evaporating, which is definitely a water saver.

  1. Energy saving

In heated swimming pools, the cover avoids heat losses with consequent energy savings. A winter cover is the solution to save electricity and water if you travel for a long time and do not use the swimming pool in the cold months.

A Pool cover for your pool by   JuJuJu Aquacenter.

  1. Savings in disinfection products

By covering your pool, you reduce the use of disinfection products. This saves money and also the water contains less chemicals. However, we recommend continuously checking the water values for a suitable disinfection in order to avoid swimming pool water that is harmful to health.

  1. Security & Health

Some models of pool covers have anchors or enclosures that guarantee the opening by children. A locking function is normally provided as standard with the automatic covers. There are also safety covers that can withstand the walk on it to ensure the safety of small children and pets.

  1. Comfort & Smart

There are also models of automatic pool covers that can be operated using a remote control or with a mobile phone from anywhere in the world.

At JuJuJu Aquacenter you will find the solution that best suits your pool depending on the utility you want to give the pool cover.

We offer all types of swimming pool covers that are available on the market and our own technical service takes care of the exact dimensions and installation.

Which pool cover did you think of?

For wintering the swimming pool, telescopic pool cover, solar and sliding covers or an automatic swimming pool cover.

Enjoy your pool all year round!!!

A Pool cover for your pool by   JuJuJu Aquacenter.


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