Food bank to close


VALENCIA food bank is doomed to closure due to the lack of financial aid from the town hall.
June 25 will be the last day on which the entity will carry out a food delivery in the provincial capital.
It seems the council has not renewed the collaboration agreement and on June 29 the charity organisation will have to return the keys to the municipal warehouse it uses on Santa Cruz de Tenerife street.
The government collaboration included a yearly grant of ¤85,000 that will also disappear.
However, the association behind the Banco de Alimentos has announced that it will not go down without a fight – and plan to launch an ‘offensive’ in order to be able to continue with their work that enables them to help nearly 8,000 crisis-hit citizens every month in Valencia alone.
A signature-collection campaign will be started next week and a large demonstration is planned to accompany the Banco president to the city hall to hand over the keys and a list with information about the thousands of people the association helps.

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