Another victory

PAH stops Bankia seizing Almoines woman's home


PROTESTERS managed to stop Bankia evicting a woman out of her home in Almoines (La Safor, Valencia province) after having already foreclosed on the mortgage.
Members of the Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca (‘mortgage victims’ association’, or PAH) along with at least 20 friends and neighbours of Isabel’s gathered on her doorstep ahead of her forcible eviction due at 10.30.
Thanks to the PAH, she is allowed to carry on living in the flat, at least in the short term.
She had been unable to meet her mortgage repayments when her financial circumstances changed and the lender, Bankia – formed through the fusion of bankrupt entities Caja Madrid and Bancaja – seized her property and listed it for auction.
As well as losing the roof over her head, Isabel is stuck with a massive lifelong debt for the shortfall between her mortgage and the auction sale proceeds.


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