When Jávea and Málaga changed places

Globally-renowned Sorolla picture that put Costa Blanca on the map was actually painted 700 kilometres away, says esteemed professor

Sorolla's Cap Martí, Jávea, which is now thought to have been painted in Málaga

A FAMOUS painting by celebrated 19th-century artist Joaquín Sorolla which put Jávea, Alicante, on the map has turned out not to have been created in Jávea at all.

Despite being titled Cap Martí, Jávea, the Sorolla scene is now thought to have been painted from the Peñón del Cuervo beach in Málaga – and five years later than first thought. Originally believed to have dated back to 1905, Cap Martí, Jávea is now – 112 years later – said to have been painted in 1910.

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