Nerja car park remains closed until May

Officials cite construction deficiencies and water problems at the site

Flooding at the then undeveloped site in 2007 (Inset: the Burriana car park)

NERJA’S newest car park will remain closed until at least May 1. The town hall says repairs required to correct construction deficiencies will cost around €200,000.

The car park at the town’s Burriana beach was inaugurated last summer during the previous municipal administration led by José Alberto Armijo of the Partido Popular. It remained open until the end of the summer and has been closed all winter.

The Podemos councillor now responsible for infrastructure, Cristina Fernández, said last week that the basement is constantly flooded from a subterranean water source because, she explained, “the car park was constructed on top of a spring.”

Also, when it rains, soil is deposited on the back wall of the building, as well as on the top, open-air level of car parking and on some of the exterior stairs, she said. The site, then undeveloped, was devastated by flood water following a violent storm in September 2007.


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