Marbella combats rogue taxis

Stepped-up patrolling and public awareness campaign are underway

Councillor Miguel Diaz (R) with Taxisol president Victor Vázquez


By Oliver McIntyre

MARBELLA town hall has launched a two-prong approach in its battle against non-licensed taxi services in the town, combining a public awareness campaign with a patrolling crackdown against illegal taxi drivers. The awareness campaign involves a direct appeal to the public to choose legal cabs when they require a taxi.


  1. I hate the fact that people have been allowed to get away with this. Its unsafe if you are a solo woman traveller to Marbella. Always book your taxi in advance with a popular taxi service. Travelling here is challenging enough.

  2. A very good warning from the town hall. It’s not advised to wait until the airport to get a taxi. We always recommend passengers to book in advance via a reputable company to ensure that the vehicle is fully licensed by the Local Authority and hold an up to date Tarjeta de Transporte License which is the law for registered taxi companies.

  3. how do you know what taxis are licensed or is that an obvious question? How can we get reassurance that the taxi is legit for my family when arriving at the airport?


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