Man, 80, drives 8km on wrong side of motorway

Other drivers had to take evasive action, but nobody was hurt in the incident

The van( lower left corner) heading west in the eastbound leanes of the motorway

By Oliver McIntyre

AN 80-year-old man last week drove the wrong way on the motorway for some eight kilometres before realising his mistake and pulling over. He passed numerous other cars and trucks coming in the opposition direction – many of which had to take evasive action – but there were no collisions and nobody was hurt in the incident.

Several Traffic Department cameras caught footage of the motorist as he drove his van west in the eastbound lanes of the motorway, starting near the Martín Carpena stadium in Málaga shortly after midnight on Monday night. In the videos, oncoming vehicles can be seen flashing their lights at the man and in some cases braking hard or swerving out of the way to avoid a collision.

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