Gib entry fee scam alert

Insurer AIG highlights the border ruse as one of Europe's eight scams to watch out for

Fraudsters approach people in cars at the border trying to charge a bogus 'entry fee' to pass into Gibraltar (Photo: EPA)

By Oliver McIntyre

A SCAM in which people showing a fake ID go car to car asking for a cash ‘entry fee’ to pass into Gibraltar from Spain has been highlighted as one of the eight most common travel scams happening in Europe.

The list was compiled by insurance company AIG, aimed at warning travellers of typical scams and how to avoid them.

The Gibraltar government stated last week that the fraudsters take advantage of the publicity of strained relations between Spain the Gibraltar to convince drivers in line at the frontier in La Línea that the Spanish government has established a border-crossing fee.

No such fee exists and nor would it be permitted, it said in a written statement.

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