Cocaine ‘pedallers’ made home deliveries by bike

'Tele-coke' gang operated out of Estepona house, taking orders by phone

Drugs and other items seized by officers in the operation

By Oliver McIntyre

POLICE have arrested three alleged drug dealers in Estepona who officials say made home-deliveries of cocaine, sometimes on bicycle.

The investigation was launched in September when officers learned of the possible operation of what police refer to as a ‘tele-coca’ (‘tele-coke’) drug-dealing scheme, named after popular food delivery services such as Telepizza.

National Police officials said the three people arrested – two men and one woman – operated the drug delivery service out of a house in Estepona, taking orders from customers by phone. In addition to the house where they lived they had a second house which they used for cutting the cocaine and preparing it for sale.

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