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October 4

A few years ago, it was highlighted how the Urbanisation of La Marina was left to rot under the rule of the PP party.
The main issues were about waste collection, weeds, unsafe pavements and poorly maintained roads. 3-4 years on nothing has changed despite promise after promise from the ineffectual, outgoing councillor for the urbanisation. He promises much, describing the new waste collection service, road cleaning, white lining as his ‘utopia’ and the maintenance of a spruced up and tidy urbanisation. The evidence suggests otherwise. Nothing is done to clear the rubbish, weeds or indeed repair pavements. What is his motivation?
I accept homeowners should do more to keep the place tidy but time has proved that most are not interested. I believe the council has a moral and social duty to maintain the urbanisation to a higher standard, they don’t, they won’t.
Happy to draw their salaries, quick to defend their inactivity, the population of the urbanisation is left to suffer year on year and with the likelihood of expats being unable to vote in the local elections next year I can only imagine the continued decline the urbanisation will suffer.
Some readers will, as a small minority did previously, defend the council using the old worn out and tired argument of ‘you should see what it’s like in the UK’ or ‘ if you don’t like it then go home’. Surely, those like me who are fed up with the excuses and lack of progress shouldn’t be knocked; we only want some improvement to our environment.
Will La Marina ever look tidy and pleasant…?

Name withheld

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