Unpleasant British Scene


July 5, 2016

Dear Sir
It cannot be easy filling one hundred pages each week but there is scant excuse for the unpleasantness expressed by your correspondent in The British Scene (page 22, Costa News July 1-7).
To award the referendum victory to a ‘political chancer’ may just be a point of view. But to infer that supporters were ‘immigrant-hating imbeciles’ was a disgraceful and quite unfounded assertion.
Let’s be quite clear. Everyone, but everyone knows that Britain is probably the most tolerant nation in the world. All right-minded people positively welcome immigrants who have uprooted themselves to seek a better life in Britain. Good on them. That they have been targeted and scapegoated is wholly the fault of the weak government and EU.
It may be that your correspondent’s article set out to provoke readers. Mission achieved – but it does your paper no credit at all.

Yours faithfully
Hugh Sawyer

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