Unhealthy ‘recycling’ in Orbeta


March 28, 2018

Dear Editor
I attach some photos of the unacceptable horror and unhygienic reality of the new ‘Basura’ recycling situation on the El Aspre/Orbeta urbanisation.
More than 18 large bins were removed, which have always been adequate even in the summer months when the urbanisation has a lot of holiday lets and summer visitors in situ. Then, with no other bins available, they began to build the small shed to house the much smaller, and fewer bins. For a few days, there were no bins on the urbanisation or in Orba at all. Every one had been taken away, prior to the ‘door to door’ collections. (excepting the urbanisations)
Last month, everyone in Orba had to queue (sometimes up to 90 minutes) to get a personal access code and/or the recycling bins. I queued for nearly an hour, behind several Spanish people, who, it transpired, were not actually in the queue at all, but simply there to chat with their friends.
The access code keyboard didn’t work for a while, and now the handle on the door has broken, although the lock works with the code entered. Many houses are currently empty, so they have not registered to get their access code, nor will they know the new system when they come to Spain again.
The biodegradable bags split easily, and the collection for food waste is once a week. Food waste sits there rotting, and the bin lids are often left open, and overflowing.
Today, when I took the photos, I saw a rat, but it was too quick to photograph. The bottom of the shed is open to rats, vermin, insects etc. The top under the roof has easy access for all types of flying insects. Flies will lay eggs in the rotting food, the bins will be infested with maggots, and the urbanisation will have an increase in flies.
The shed already smells and it is barely warm yet. Wasps will also be attracted to the food…so people may be stung before something is done, and many are highly allergic to stings these days – particularly nasty if children ever go in there to drop bags of rubbish.
This is going to be a massive health and hygiene issue. People without access will simply dump their rubbish anywhere. There is very little parking now, whereas the bin areas before had plenty of parking, never ‘overflowed’ and were completely safe from vermin and insects.
This ‘idea’ is going to be rolled out across the area, Brits have been recycling stuff for years in the UK – we are good at it. Others are perhaps less concerned with the environmental results of leaving their stuff all over the place. Now is the time to go to your local town hall and see what they have planned for your area, town or village. It is NOT acceptable given the Suma rates we all pay.
Complain, and complain loudly people.

Outraged of Orbeta.
Not giving my name/address in case someone thinks it fun to dump their rubbish in my garden!

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