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June 16

Hello Editor,
I wonder if there is an ornithologist out there amongst the thousands of your readers?
The problem many of us are having at the moment is the amount of seagulls that are nesting, mainly on the flat roof blocks of apartments, which are the majority here in Altea. They are squawking all manner of sounds day and night, so all of us in these flat roofs are unfortunately getting less or no sleep at night and bang goes our siestas. On our flat roof, we have facilities to hang our washing, but alas, that is impossible as they dive bomb on us. There seems definitely far more this year than last year. The couple which are on the next flat roof to ours, have already had three lots of fledglings, where as last year they only had one fledgling and then left. When other birds fly over these nests, the noise is horrendous and they are all in harmony and sound like machine guns.
Please could you tell us if they are an endangered species? If not we think the time has come when some culling should be considered.

Kindest regards
L. Holder

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  1. Part of my business in UK & here before I retired was involved with breeding birds,although my main interest was parrots.Later I moved to an apartment & like you,had a problem with wild birds on the roof terrace.I put up a statue of a bird of prey,perhaps not too easy to come by but I daresay maybe a large picture would do.Try it!


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