Too many Spaniards in Benidorm


September 19

I read with utter dismay your article in last Fridays CBN dated 14th/20th Sept on page13.
This was about an 80-year-old lady moaning about too many Spaniards in Benidorm and asking for her money paid to be returned. This either by tour company or insurance cover.
Now I have read in your paper that the mayor of Benidorm has jumped in with a FREE all expenses paid trip back to Benidorm. Too many people make fraudulent claims over one thing or another but this must beat them all. Next year I must try this at Bournemouth and complain about too many English people and hope for a free trip back from their mayor, but I’m not holding my breath.
This is a sad state of affairs that helps people to keep chasing for a rebate.

John Felix

Dear John
We did cover the story of the now-notorious Freda, who earn criticism from British expats, holidaymakers and Spanish residents alike. The mayor’s offer was genuine to prove a fact, as an ‘Enjoy Benidorm with Spanish people’ campaign was launched two weeks ago.
Whether or not Freda will take it up – or any hotel be willing to accommodate such a ‘distinguished’ visitor – is another matter. Indeed compensation culture was exposed in this case. Freda did get some cash due to flight mismanagement by Thomas Cook.
If you have any luck in Bournemouth, let us know….we’ll try it too!


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