Tom Draper on Tommy Robinson march


June 17

Dear Mr. Draper,
I am writing in response to your article in the Costa News (June 15-21, 2018). I am one of the ‘Pathetic, knuckle – dragging, brain barely capable of functioning supporters of Mr. Tommy Robinson. No, I wasn’t at the protest, as I live in Spain. But I saw all the livestreams that were published on YouTube and to put it bluntly your article made my blood boil.
You are obviously not very well informed in the reality of what is going on in the UK so therefore you must be as knowledgeable as a garden slug that has been in the sun for too long.
Before you start compartmentalising ‘concerned English residents’, I suggest you get off your comfortable middle class backside and do some proper unbiased research.
For the majority of my working life, I was a secondary school teacher in a comprehensive in the North West of England and I have an IQ that is a little higher than that of a ‘garden slug’! It has become a daily ritual of mine to really find out what is going on in the UK and the rest of Europe and probably the rest of ‘civilised’? society. Islam is trying to take over!
I drive around in my little 2002 Renault Clio with a Poppy hanging from the rear view mirror. Every time I look at that Poppy, I think of the millions of people who sacrificed their lives in the name of Democracy because of one psychopathic man. I am grateful every day that I am even existing because of their sacrifice. Then you turn around and you are obviously, like the rest of the establishment, condoning that democracy should submit to the indoctrination of Islam!
It has become obvious to me that the UK establishment is rotten to the core! You only need to watch the YouTube videos published by the likes of Paul Weston, Anne Marie Waters, John Wedger (retired Met. Police Detective and whistle blower) amongst many and of course Mr. Tommy Robinson. These people are not thugs, racists, fascists etc. They are ‘human beings’ who are concerned for the well-being of their country and ‘civilised’ society.
‘Freedom of the press’ no longer exists in the UK. The country is being run by a bunch of lily-livered puppets who should resign their posts immediately, as they are condoning what the ‘grooming gangs’ (a countrywide epidemic) and the human trafficking gangs are doing. Either they are condoning this or they are in the pockets of these gangs. Paedophilia and corruption are ruling the UK.
I do not want to see Great Britain become an Islamic state. Where men can be polygamous, marry girls as young as the age of nine, female genital mutilation becomes the norm, honour killings, arranged marriages, no women’s rights amongst other dictates. None of which are compliant to British law!
I have had my say; I’d better go and put some new plasters on my knuckles.

Yours most concernedly,
Mr Tony Broadbent.


  1. Excellent response Tony,my thoughts exactly, and thousands more. The media blackout is disgusting,with anything that is reported on,being a complete lie. I fear something far larger is,and has been,going on in the background for several decades. Public ignorance of the actual facts,and their willingness to be led,is astounding.


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