The ‘Microsoft callers’


August 28

Like your reader, I have also been pestered with calls from the ‘Microsoft Technical Department’. My personal best has been seven in one day!
When I ask where they get my telephone number from the answer is always ‘your telephone number is registered on file when you buy a computer!’ I have never owned, bought or borrowed a computer in my life.
I was once quick enough to write down the number that showed up on the telephone screen but when I tried to ring it back the “automated lady” told me the number did not exist.
On one occasion when I said I did not have a computer, the man said “you are a liar”. I have threatened to call the police, left them hanging on but nothing seems to work.
Once I let the man ramble on and when he stopped to draw breath I said I don’t have a computer. The answer to that was “well why are you listening to this bullshit?” I must admit I had to laugh when I put the phone down!
When I hear someone saying “my name is Rob/Ron how are you this morning?” I just put the phone down.
I do not know if your reader has experienced this yet but the latest is to speak to you in Spanish! It is bad enough trying to understand some of them in English never mind when they try and speak in Spanish!
Perhaps as your reader suggests the whistle might work but I doubt it. You knock one down and another pops up. Bit like weeds really! Perhaps someone out there has the answer?

Patrica Newberry


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