The British Cemetery, Valencia


October 20

Dear Editor,
On October 19th, I toured the above small cemetery, which is now an international cemetery. It is situated on British Crown land, and is opposite the municipal cemetery, and crematorium. My tour took place before a charity lunch, which aimed to raise funds to pay for the restoration of all the stained glass. It is hoped that the stained glass will be fitted before open day on November 1st.
I have lived on the Costa Blanca for more than 30 years, but I was unaware of the existence of this cemetery.
The cemetery provides,”6′ underground burial” as well as ashes placement and scattering. It has an interesting history.
Four trustees and friends of the cemetery maintain the garden and the buildings, relying on donations and grants to finance the works. Despite the British Crown owning the land, no grants are given, unlike the Valencian government who have given a generous donation towards the costs of restoring the stained glass.
Any donation or offer of work would be welcomed by the trustees.
Anybody may visit the cemetery on November 1st. Buses 9 and 10 leave Calle Jesus, near the railway station that serves Gandía. Flower stalls and a cafe are nearby.
I think that it would be useful for expats living in the Costa Blanca to know of the existence of the “British Cemetery “, and that they can use its burial or ashes facilities.
Contact trustee, Diana Clifton Sewell, email: –

Yours sincerely,
Mrs. Irene M. Hiscock

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