Tax-free shopping


August 27

Dear Sir
With regards to the article about tax-free shopping from residents outside the EU, what you failed to mention is that to import into the UK you are restricted to £390 of goods; otherwise, it’s the red channel and 2.5% customs duty + VAT, depending on the item/s. This is all still speculation depending on if the UK manages to make a deal with EU countries if it wants to as it would end the booze and tobacco cruise to Calais, an immediate benefit to HM government. Wine producers have already voiced concerns as Brexit could well mean the return of customs restrictions, ie four litres of wines, as there is now from non-EU departures.
It will be also interesting to see whether companies like Amazon, registered in Luxembourg for tax reasons – for which customers of the UK have benefited – will now have to invoice from the UK, so UK VAT and taxes will have to be incorporated into their prices.

Kind regards
Craig Thorley
Torre de la Horadada

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