March 1, 2016

Scaremongering at its highest! The moron MPs who are scaremongering is a typical way of trying to pursue someone from going against an opinion as they have no other tool to use. Those who are worried about their pensions being stopped!
What a load of nonsense, not being able to travel freely with passport travel as we do now across Europe and other non EU areas. Again, complete nonsense.
Those living in EU countries will no longer get medical assistance or be denied on the State system? Absolutely b*****ks.
The EU will put up tariffs! Don’t make me laugh. Just take one look out of your window and count the amount of EU cars bought in the UK. Do they all think we will stop buying?
Why would you jeopardise a business because your customer no longer wants to be in your Club! The pessimists say we cannot survive out of the EU! Again, what nonsense! UK is one of the strongest trading countries, not just in EU but in the world. People undermined themselves as we do not shake our cage to boast about it. We put more into the EU than get out of it.
Mervin King says it all in his new book! Look it up on the internet. He sums EU up in a nutshell. We are the only country that has a growth to show, as others lack behind. He says the European Union has failed to cement a group of countries as one. We cannot pull everyone up to the set standard that the Eurocrats think that they can do. Out of the Footsie only 36 companies are for a stay-in! There are another 64 who say – out! Most of the ones to stay in are all corporate companies and CEOs, those who have crawled up the ladder. The CEOs who want Out! are the self-made businesses like Dyson, Hargreaves, etc. These people know the UK’s strength in the marketplace. All the expats are worried! What about?
I certainly only think of my country for the future of my grandchildren and the life that they may have. Not what about me now! Our lives will be over in a score – more or less. This vote has to be a once-in-a-lifetime to ensure that Britain comes back in control of its destiny and long-term future. To use this cliché: one size does not fit all! Twenty-eight countries, 28 cultures and more, how could it ever work!
Once Turkey becomes a member, because Merkel’s idea should it go ahead and she is still chancellor will want them to be in, will create an absolute disaster for the wellbeing of our country for terrorism. They will just walk into Turkey, pick up a forged passport(s) and proceed with a vehicle with contraband/drugs/bomb-mix/armourment and travel right across all the continent to get to anywhere they would like, to create mayhem. The immigrant saga across the whole of Europe will have an everlasting racial problem forever.
Overloaded agencies is a byword. Catastrophic is what it will become. No one will want to work in the NHS, the Social or Services because of the abuse that will render. These agencies will be operated by immigrants who will eventually take over. Should we stay in the EU? I can just hear now, from Brussels, another scrupulous ploy from the non- qualified Eurocrats in any business whatsoever, coming up with a new plan to target the UK. Why? Because we are different and individualistic from them and now they will probably have many axes to grind. It was never going to work the One Hat Trick! Merkel’s reputation will be embedded in the German History… or maybe not?

Roy Eaton

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  1. We bought a flat in Castellon in 1970 when Franco was still alive and Magaluf was a long deserted beach.
    We loved Castellon and soon got used to Spanish ways. I don’t remember what the state of the EU was then if it existed. Why should leaving it now be any different?

  2. And what about the Brexit camp who say everything will be fine if we leave – based on no accurate information or proposals whatsoever? And what nonsense about Mr Eaton spouts about growth. In terms of GDP only France, Italy and Portugal have lower GDP growth than the UK. Latvia, Slovakia, Romania, Cyprus among others, all have higher GDP growth than the UK. I heard a Brexit spokesman saying how we were the 5th richest country in the world. Yet the need for Foodbanks is escalating!!

  3. Frank, at least you’ve got your facts right, I totally agree.

    Travel freely? Britain is outside the Shengen zone, therefore a visa will be needed to visit other parts of Europe. No “special concessions” for the UK anymore…

    Quote: “Those living in EU countries will no longer get medical assistance or be denied on the State system? Absolutely b*****ks.”

    Well we live in Spain, the door has been closed already to expats who were in the NHS.
    Also it´s a bit sad when the UK Government tells the Brits we no longer pay tax in the UK. Well,, private pensions are paid AT SOURCE. We still contribute to a country we don´t live in and would never go back to because it´s in such a mess.

    Your facts and figures have been fed to you and are totally incorrect. You can´t predict what would happen after a Brexit! Too risky, too much uncertainty means big businesses will not invest. Obviously something else the Government keeps quiet is that Spain now has the fastest growing Economy in Europe…

    Don´t forget, it will take the UK 2 years, yes a process of 2 years to get out of the EU and tie up all loose ends. During that time the rest of the world will sit back, watch and wait to see what happens to a country that has written it´s own death sentence.

    Britain will be shunned by other countries. Britain does not rule the waves anymore and outside of Europe it will sink, the weather´s already making a good job of that on it´s own…

    As for seeing Brit cars “everywhere” here well it´s only people who´ve brought their own. When they need a new one they´re not going to go back to the UK to buy a right hand drive new car.

    9 billion pounds to Europe,, well they get much more than that back in trade, which is yet another reason for Britains Brexit demise. Cost of manufacturing already considered too high, will have to be even higher, nervous investors will say adios.

    As for terrorists and immigration, none of that will change, simply because it´s too late now. Also, France will not work to prevent them flooding into flooded Britain, why should they carry that burden?

    Then there´s demographics:
    There´s not enough money to support a crumbling infrastructure even now.
    Flood defences not enough money to make them workable.
    NHS not enough money to pump into it.
    Road network, too many cars, congestion everywhere, potholes causing costly damage everywhere.
    In fact the whole public transport system is truly “jammed”
    Not enough housing (except immigrants get catered for)
    Not enough schools
    Basically it´s an over populated island without resources.
    Over taxed, underpaid workers
    Need I go on?

    And the Brexit campaign thinks any of that will improve when Britain isolates itself from the world? Oh dear, the No campaigners cant see beyond the end of their noses. Including Roy Eaten.

    What´s written in his letter to the editor here, is nothing more than a personal rant full of flawed information without any facts about a future outside of Europe. Will Britain be flung into chaos, most likely.

    The future of a Brexit is:
    Too uncertain.
    Problems I´ve listed will not go away.
    Unstable economy will not go away.
    Isolation will appear.
    And finally, take a moment to think about how all this information about a NO vote is passed on to you via corrupt leaders who only have something in it for themselves…..


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