Resistance for San Javier airport


September 23

A British person fights to keep the airport open, instead of the new-planed move to Corvera…
I lift my hat to Mr. Roger Garford because it looks like he is the only person who stands up against local state mega corruption. The local community decide to move, for the only reason that a lot of high profile members have invested in Corvera Golf, supermarket-and a lot more local businesses. At that time, it was a great plan to open an airport in Corvera, but that changed because the cost was too high. Now when most all apartments and houses in Corvera Golf stand empty as well as golf clubs do not exist.
But now it will change, with corrupt people like it has always been in Spain, money goes before intelligence and now the investment in Corvera will go over the top, but that have nothing to say, the money will for sure not come from the property owners in Corvera Golf, it will all come from tax payers around the county.
The closure of a very well-functioning airport to satisfy a group of investors in Corvera Golf will go ahead even if 80% of the population both Spanish and those from other countries alike, living in this area have said that it is a JOKE, and very typical Spanish corruption of the same type that we have seen over the last couple of years from mayors and local Government. How many of those have already been put in jail or are under investigation?
So far, we can count to almost 75% of all mayors in Spain stand trial for corruption together with other members of the local committee.
Ask a Spanish person what they have to say about it, THEY ALL SAY, THAT THIS IS SPAIN AND WE CAN’T CHANGE THAT FROM OUR SIDE. To fight against this kind of behaviour will not go well but it happens all the time.
Just to mention, opening Corvera airport will be a mega project, the airport was built many years ago and a complete new runway has to be build. All buildings need great renovation after many years standing empty…
I know it will not be easy to land in Corvera even after renovation, that will take time and cost more money, a lot more.
A picture was published with a twin-engine private plane on the landing strip, just to prove it was possibly to land, but that was not without problems. First of all, this small aircraft needed only 10% of an asphalt strip to start and land in comparison to a 250-ton aircraft that needs at least 2000 metres of free landing strip.
I’m not surprised what people say, these guys have only one thing in mind, keep the cash in the right pocket…
Hope to see more resisters come true.

Kind regards
Jack K Warner

Dear Jack
We’re afraid we must beg to differ with some of your statements. Despite appearances and media exposure, it is not true that 75% of mayors in Spain stand trial for corruption. Accusing is free, but taking it to court and getting proof is very different.
The same applies to Corvera Golf. There has not yet been a court case. The latest report by Spanish press agency EFE on this matter states (January 5, 2017), that a court had declared suspension of payments of the promotor of the resort.



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