Referendum on the EU


February 7, 2016

I hope all those who haven’t registered yet to vote in the upcoming referendum will do so, the sooner the better. It is very easy to do, taking very little time. I did mine a week or so ago. You can even email the vote, if you don’t trust the post.
I’m not sure if people have thought about what would happen to us pensioners with regards to yearly increases (we have already lost the heating allowance without a bye or leave).
What next? The NHS is very important if, like me, you never seem to be out of the doctor’s, or at the hospital for appointments. How that will affect us is anyone’s guess.
I can’t say about child allowance, but I imagine that too will be taken away.
A lot of people will argue that we chose to move to warmer climes; and they are right, but that doesn’t mean to say we didn’t pay into the system all our working lives.
Register now, have your say. Coming out of the EU could be disastrous for us ex-pats. And remember, safety in numbers!
Linda Garfield

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  1. Dear Sir

    The subject of Britain leaving the E U is one that is charged with a great deal of emotion fuelled by a very aggressive U.K media who are in favour of leaving. This is what a great deal of the voting population are in favour of and they are using the migrant workers as a tool to try and convince others that this is the way we should vote.
    As someone who spends months each year in Spain I can only have empathy with people who are ex pats. Their position in the event of an out vote is something that has not been discussed and we can only speculate as to what that position would be should it become an out vote.

  2. I’ve never been very political vocally, life’s too short living in this fabulous environment, but have got a little passionate about the UK’s referendum on staying or leaving Europe.
    It started me thinking what if the UK pulls out, how might that affect me?
    I, like many other expats, enjoy free health care through the Spanish system which is funded by the UK’s NHS – would this stop?
    My car insurance has a green card which allows me protective driving throughout Europe – would it cover me in the UK?
    I have bought many items from the UK and of course because it is part of the EU, there is no customs charge when they arrive in Spain – would this change?
    I’m sure there are other issues that might surface if the UK withdraws – this is just my initial observations.
    There is a link I found if you are not registered to vote on the referendum and it’s easy to use, everything can be done online.

    Malcolm Hall


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