Post-Brexit breach of human rights


November 30

As a legal resident in Spain with my NIE, padrón, residencia card, I should be able to continue to live in this beautiful country post Brexit.
However, after Brexit I will no longer be a member of the EU, as I hold a British passport. So I will be living in an EU member country with all other none Spanish who are from EU member countries, but not an EU citizen as I am now.
I believe this is a breach of my human rights not to remain an EU citizen in my adopted EU country. Post Brexit while I will live here, I cannot move to another country (other than the UK) as I will not be an EU citizen. I therefore ask the British Council to urgently bring this situation to both countries to ensure in continuing Brexit negotiations that all UK citizens living in another EU country remain EU citizens as indeed many of us were not allowed to take part in the referendum.
Andrew Ormrod

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