Police shortage


August 23, 2017
Dear Editor,
A footnote to your article regarding the shortage of police cover in Torrevieja.
The statistics make for drastic news. However, the residents and tourists do not help the situation by not reporting crime. This possibly due to not spending time making a ‘denuncia’ – or because they cannot be bothered.
Whatever the reason, if these crimes had been reported then the figures for crime quoted in your article would be far greater.
I know of at least seven incidents nor reported to police including one at a Petanca club storage which was reported to me.
When I asked for the incident number so that my Police Liaison Officer could ask for more patrols in this area, (the petanca club seemingly have this problem every year at this time). The reply was that they never reported it.
How can resources be demanded when the true situation of crimes is hidden by apathy, not wanting to get involved and the idea that that the police should be more active but without having input from the public? We would also ask residents check the Neighbourhood Watch site or join the mailing list for organisations such as Torresur (torresurcoalcom@hotmail.com)
Jim Brogan,
Torresur Coalition of Communities

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