On the subject of double taxation


July 20

I, along with many, many others have been asked by the Agencia Tributaria to submit all my tax documentation for the year 2014 within 10 days. I did this, taking the said papers to the tax office in Gandía to be told to take them all away and translate them by the next day!
I ‘chickened out’ and passed my papers to my gestor!
I am more than willing to speak and consult with others who feel they are being victims of the tax grab. The difficulty has always been trying to find out exactly what our situation is with regard to where tax should be paid. Both countries are laying claim to this tax, and are putting the onus on us to sort our situation out.
I am just an OAP, widowed and with a government pension, and with little financial /tax knowledge. I know only that tax should be paid to only one administration. How on earth do I go about finding out the truth of the situation?
If the letter writer of last week’s appeal to have contact with others in the same situation, would like to contact me, please do so through the editor . I will withhold my name for the moment until I see what response there may be.
Thank you, C.B news for highlighting this problem.

Name withheld


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