No peace in Palestine


September 30

“Why is there no peace in this area (Palestine)?” asked Anita Bond. Subsequently, she presented an answer by concealing unpleasant historical facts and twisting the truth of incidents. No doubt, her article constitutes a narrative from the disinformation section of Israel’s MOSSAD.
I refute Bond’s trivial mainstream reporting that consists of labelling Arabs/Palestinians in a sense of being irrational, violent, angry actors, etc., as well as her concealment and misrepresentation of facts regarding the Palestinian question as follows:
In the 1880s, the community of Palestinian Jews, known as the Yishuv, amounted to 3% cent of the total population. They were apolitical and did not aspire to build a modern Jewish state.
In the late 19th century, the Zionist movement – a political ideology – grew out of Eastern Europe, claiming that Jews were a nation or race that deserved a modern Jewish state.
Theodor Herzl, a Hungarian Jew based in Austria, laid down in his book “Altneuland” (The Old New Land) the land thievery tactics to achieve a Jewish-owned Palestine: “When we occupy the land, we must expropriate gently the private property on the estates assigned to us. We shall try to spirit the penniless population across the border by procuring employment for it in the transit countries, denying any employment in our country. The expropriation and removal of the poor must be carried out discretely and circumspectly. We shall not tolerate persons of other faiths”.
The League of Nations, precursor of the United Nations, assigned to Britain the mandate for the administration of Palestine. In February 1944, the Polish Jew Menachem Begin, leader of the IRGUN terrorist militia, launched large-scale attacks on the British authorities coupled with a sanguinary bombing campaign.
IRGUN’s most lethal attack consisted of the bombing of Jerusalem’s King David Hotel: 91 people killed, 41 injured. On the 60th anniversary of the massacre, Israeli PM Netanyahu opined, that the bombing was a legitimate act with a military target distinguishing it from an act of terror intended to harm civilians.
A plaque commemorating the bombing and lauding a dead terrorist read: For reasons known only by the British, the hotel was not evacuated”.
The British ambassador and government lodged a protest with Israel. The English text, pertaining to the lauded terrorist, was deleted, but the laudation remained in Hebrew writing!
Following the death sentences of three IRGUN terrorists by a British military court, Menachem Begin responded by kidnapping two sergeants from the British Intelligence Corps and threatened to kill them should the death sentences of his three fellow terrorists be carried out.
An eyewitness and British Army veteran described in the 1990s in his letter to the former CBN editor, the late Mr Peter Baker, the incident: “The terrorists killed the two sergeants and hanged their booby-trapped bodies in an orange grove. My comrades, attempting to cut the bodies down, were seriously injured. We also fought the brutal Jewish terrorist organizations STERN gang and the HAGANAH”.
British Army sources list 911 deaths between 1939 – 1948. After WW2, Jewish terrorists launched attacks against British soldiers stationed in West Germany.
There’s the abortive attempt of Jewish terrorists to use a chartered plane in France and bomb the House of Commons in London and the British embassy in Rome.
While the Zionist ethnic cleansing campaign had started immediately after the UN recommended the partition plan, in November 1947, the Arab-Israeli war began on May 15,1948, shortly after Israel declared statehood and the British ended their mandate.
The Arab League had refused to supply the Palestinians with weapons. Zionist terrorists expelled some 440,000 Palestinians from 220 villages. By March 1948, there were around 50,000 Zionist fighters against some 2,500 Palestinians who were bolstered slightly by the arrival of 4,000 Arab volunteers. The Zionists used armoured vehicles, tanks, aircraft and advanced artillery, Palestinians made do with light arms and mortars.
After the Zionists had executed 110 civilians and raped several women in the village of Deir Yassin, families fled the violence seeking a safe haven.
Quickly, the Jewish occupants decreed the ‘Absentees’ Property Law’: “An Arab owner of immovable and movable property, moneys, rights in property, etc. absent at a certain date in Israel, has its property vested in the Israeli Custodian.”
This pillage caused that the illegally annexed territory amounts to about 70% of the territory of Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The following numbers are conclusive: 600,000 – 750,000 illegal Jewish settlers in the occupied Palestinian territories. 150 settlements, 119 outposts, 42% of West Bank land controlled by settlements, 86% of East Jerusalem for Israeli state and settler use.
Recently, Israeli legislators voted in favour of the new ‘nation-state-law’, thus following the footsteps of Apartheid & Race Defilement: No more interreligious marriages, no more Palestinian flags outside, the claim to the whole of Jerusalem.
Norway’s sixth-largest news- paper ‘Dagbladet’ depicted Netanyahu as swastika-shaped enforcer of Apartheid and published a cartoon showing the Israeli leader sitting on a bench marked “Whites-only“ and his left fist is punching a member of the Druze minority.
Successor to the former Jewish terror organizations is the MOSSAD – motto: Murder is our Business. In his book ’Rise and Kill First: The secret history of Israel’s targeted assassinations’ chief correspondent on military affairs of the Israeli newspaper‚ Yedioth Aronoth‘, Ronen Bergman, revealed on 864 pages that the MOSSAD, during its 50-year-existence, deployed worldwide death squads who assassinated 3,000 so-called “enemies of the Jewish state”. Bergman admitted, a great deal of the victims were innocent bystanders, and referred to as “collateral damage”.
The New York Times reported on 12/13 September 2015 that the US-pro-Israel-Lobby
AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) spent US$30 million on a publicity and lobbying campaign to kill president Obama’s Iran nuclear deal. According to Spanish TV, AIPAC sponsored a convention in South Florida where most Jewish pensioners reside and obtained the decisive votes to achieve Trump’s presidency.
Now Donnyboy is returning favours: US embassy moved to Jerusalem; cancellation of financial aid to Gaza; US military support to accomplish a regime change in Syria coupled with an annexation of the Golan Heights by Israel.
Conclusion: The 70-year-long turmoil in Palestine is due to Theodor Herzl’s dishonourable doctrine that caused injustice to prevail.
Therefore, Anita Bond is defending the indefensible.

Best regards
Wilfried Weissmann

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