Muslims at Christmas


November 18

I read with disbelieve Tom Draper’s article ‘Muslims at Christmas’, I have been to the Middle East a few times at Christmas, I have never seen Christmas celebrated there, the Muslim religion is not Christian and Christmas is a Christian celebration.
What people are getting upset about, is the fact we now can’t say Happy Christmas but Happy Holiday, the schools no longer have nativity plays because it upsets the Muslims, so how come there is a advert celebrating it when they don’t believe in it.
I think Tom Draper should look at a story on both sides.

M P Davin

Dear M P Davin
Thank you for your letter. My article made no reference at all, as to whether or not Muslims celebrate Christmas in the Middle East. I was congratulating Tesco for an inclusive advert that showed footage of a Muslim family joining in with the celebrations. I know several Muslims who celebrate Christmas. In part as a great excuse for a party but also to acknowledge our country’s traditions. And of course, we should say Happy Christmas if we want to and have children perform nativity plays etc.

Tom Draper

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