Moraira incident


December 17, 2016

I am writing to inform you of an incident that took place in the main car park behind the Salut in Moraira on Friday, and I am wondering if you feel that it may be appropriate to warn other people who use this car park.
My husband was sat in our car (which is a right-hand drive car registered in the UK), waiting for me to finish shopping.
He was approached by a young woman of Eastern European origin, who placed herself in front of the car door. She then proceeded with try and talk to him, but was told to go away.
She became more aggressive, and in trying to extricate himself from this woman, the sleeve of his jumper rolled up slightly, revealing his Rolex watch. She dived into the car, pinning him down and wrestled with him… bearing in mind that his left arm was furthest away from the door.
My husband then managed to eventually push her out of the car, and she ran off.
But this is the rub! It was only when we were on our way home that we realised that his watch had been taken. This woman was so experienced that she knew exactly how to remove the watch, taking the victim completely unaware.
I know that people have been targeted in this car park before, and most people protect their handbags whilst in the market, but perhaps a reminder that there are organised gangs out there ready to use force to rob them should be brought to people’s notice.

Thank you, Ali Toy

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  1. They knew full well that this kind of thing has happened there before yet still went there wearing a Rolex watch. Not the sharpest tool in the box, eh?


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