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Nov 19

Dear Sir,
I am used to reading misspelled words, bad grammar and sometimes just words missing in sentences in your newspaper. I would add however that your newspaper is not the worst in this area when it comes to mistakes.
However, I thought that the glaring mistake in your paper this week was worth a mention.
On page 21, your headline of ’Brits arrested in mayor cocaine bust’ was so bad because it was a headline.
Also, the kick-off time for the football match for Arsenal against Tottenham yesterday was incorrect. Quite often, the kick-off times in your TV times have not been adjusted because they are in the text, which I am used to. However, the preamble programme was listed with a separate time from the kick-off time. Unfortunately, whoever adds 1 hour to the start time of programmes in your TV times must have added 2 hours to the kick-off time. Hopefully, not too many fans were fooled by this and did not miss the first hour of the game.
A. Fisher
PS. I hope that you do not find too many mistakes in my e-mail.

Dear Mr Fisher
Thanks you for your comment and please accept out apologies for mistakes we admit do happened. Although we do check every single page thoroughly before printing, even a trained eye can miss a letter. Computer spell-checking of course will not pick up on this particular mistake as it reads correctly. We hope we’ve done better this week.
Best regards and thanks for your honestly.

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